9 Quick Tips to Save Money On Gas

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Today we are going to talk about 9 ways to save money on gas.

  1. Timely price information makes all the difference. If you use an app such as Gas Buddy, you can fill up at stations near you for as much as $.30-$.50 cheaper per gallon every time just by filling up at the cheapest station.
  2. Cash or credit? Some stations offer an incentive and lower cost per gallon when using cash. While other stations offer incentive and lower cost per gallon when using a card. At the end of the day money is money so be flexible and willing to use both.
  3. Rack up the rewards! Are you maximizing every gas purchase you make no matter what brand of gas you buy? The number of gasoline retailers offering ‘Rewards’ or loyalty programs continues to grow. You can often get a large amount of cash back or free gas just by signing up for a free rewards program.
  4. Check your tire pressure! One pound of pressure in your tire equals about 2% better gas mileage. You will want to keep those babies pumped up not only to avoid a flat tire but also to improve your gas mileage.
  5. Keep your RPM’s down. Aggressive starts, hard breaking, and high interstate speeds and reduce your gas mileage by as much as 30%. Every car is geared differently so you will want to watch your car’s RPMs to find that sweet spot. Most cars are gear around getting the best miles per gallon around 47-55mph.
  6. Lighten the load. Get the junk out of the trunk. The less you have to haul around the better gas mileage you will get.
  7. Get routine oil changes and maintenace check. In order to get the most out of your car you must take care of it. You will notice that often the tank full immediately following an oil change is typically one of the best miles per gallon averages you will get.
  8. Keep track of your miles per gallon! How do you know if you are improving if you aren’t keep track? It can be a fun game of trying to beat your all time best mpg. All you have to do is take the total number of miles traveled divided by the amount of gallons of gas you put in. Pretty simple!
  9. As much as possible keep your ac/heat off and your windows up! This reduces the amount of drag you will have in your car especially when travelling at interstate speeds.

Agree/Disagree with these tips on how to save money on gas? Have ones of your own to share? Please tells us about it in the comments! Thank you for reading and subscribing!